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Posted on March 15, 2010 by Karl

When setting up your exhibit you want it to make your trade show displays so they draw visitors to your exhibit. You only have a few brief seconds to catch their attention and have them intrigued with your product before they pass you up. Your displays are the key to presenting your product and getting your message across.

Before you actually start designing your exhibit area you want to have an idea of the floor plan and where exactly your exhibit is located. This way you will know how the flow of traffic works around your exhibit and also how much room you will have to work with.

The colors you choose for your displays and trade show exhibit are crucial to attracting attention to your product and exhibit. Use colors that are bold and go with your company brand or products. Color is a good way to attract a visitor’s attention to your trade show exhibit. Their eyes will naturally be drawn to bold bright display and bold images.

Lighting is another way to get people to focus on your product and to be drawn to your trade show exhibit. Using flashing or blinking lights over a product or a display banner is a good attention grabber even across the trade show floor. Subtle lighting also works well to highlight a display of your products or a display with your message on it.

Promotional gifts and prize drawings are another way to get visitors to stop by your trade show exhibit. Giving out promotional gifts with your company’s name and message are a way to keep your name on the top of mind even long after the trade show has ended. Free product samples are always a good way to get people to try your product and to get your brand recognized.

By using these tips you will be able to put together an attractive trade show exhibit that will attract visitors to your area.

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