Renting or Buying Your Trade Show Display

There are plenty of reasons why you should buy a display and then again, just as many for why you should rent one. The real question is what should you do which is the right choice for your business?

Whether you rent or buy will depend on a number of issues, so let’s take a look at some of them.


Trade shows require a capital investment and for many companies, their budgets are tightly constrained and every line element is being pared to the bone.  If you are looking to boost short-term ROI, then renting a trade show display will be the route to go, however if you are looking for longer term investment performance then you will probably end up buying.

Experimentation – New Exhibitors & New Products

If you are looking at stepping into trade shows as a newcomer, then buying the full rig is probably not something you want to do immediately and in this instance, renting a display will probably be best advice.  Even veteran exhibitors will sometimes choose to rent a display over outright purchase because they need extra display space or have too much demand on their existing displays elsewhere.

New product launches which are testing the market will also usually arrange to rent displays rather than purchase them in case the product flops.  When the product sales history reaches a point where it is clear it is going to generate returns, then the display is likely to be purchased to go with it.

Complete Customization & Availability

One major advantage of buying a display is that you get to fully customize it to your own requirements.  When you rent a display you are going to be restricted in what you can do to customize the display, because remember, it’s going back to the shop after you are finished.  There is also another major advantage to owning your display – it is always available when you want it.  When you rent a display you have to rely on the equipment being available when you need it, this is mitigated to an extent because trade shows are typically booked well in advance, but then again, last minute entries are increasingly common but will the display be available too?

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