Trade Show Event Marketing Advice

Posted on February 25, 2010 by Karl

Marketing the trade show event is not something which is done by event management alone – you have a responsibility to ensure you do your part too! After all, the more people who know you are exhibiting prior to the event, then the greater the traffic you can expect through own booth too.

Here are some tips on what you should be looking at as part of your own trade show exhibition marketing:

Mail Contact & Client Lists

Event exhibition is a serious business with a large investment by you – it is noteworthy and newsworthy, so make sure your prospect and client contacts are all notified of what you are doing with complete details for attending, including address and booth location on the trade show floor.

Press Release

Local media and trade magazines will be interested in your attendance at a trade show event. The way you tell them is to write a press release – if you can write a fax, you can write a press release (just Google how to do that and you’ll find templates). You should be using a press release whenever something newsworthy happens with your business, so do not be put off by the idea that the local newspaper will not be interested – usually they are struggling to find newsworthy items to fill their column inches.

Partner with Event Management

Event management will have detailed demographics and contact information for both fellow attendees and visitors. Usually you can obtain mailing lists of this information from event organizers and indeed, when you are shortlisting events to attend, you ought to ask the question as to whether these will be made available (and at what cost) to you for marketing purposes.

Another tip for working with event management is to offer to give a presentation or appear as a guest speaker. Off-main floor events and seminars are a popular tool for extracting the most value from the event and expert speakers are sought after.

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