Tradeshow Plan of Atack!

Posted on March 5, 2010 by Karl

Trade shows can be very profitable and are a great marketing tool. However, they are also very competitive and you have to be on top of things to beat out your competitors. Months before a trade show you have to come up with a plan of attack. You need to gather all the information you can on that particular show. Then use this information to strategize just exactly how to make the most out of your trade show exhibit.

When designing your exhibit you want to create a design that has an immediate impact on visitors who pass your trade show exhibit. Your exhibit should be neatly organized and have bold graphic displays. Different types of lighting will also enhance your exhibit and can be used to highlight your products.

Using demonstrations to lure in people and to get your product noticed is an effective thing to do at a trade show. People are drawn to areas on the trade show floor where all the excitement seems to be coming from. This is a form of entertainment that works well at a trade show. It also helps to make you stand out among your competitors.

You can have the best graphics and have an attention grabbing trade show exhibit. However, if your staff is not properly trained you will not get the results you want. Well trained employees are the key to making sales and to keeping customers returning. Your staff has to be prepared and knowledgeable about your company and products. They have to be friendly, energetic and be able to think on their feet.

To have a successful trade show exhibit you need a combination of good marketing materials, a dynamic display and talented staff. Be organized and planning ahead will ensure that you will meet your goal and objectives. 

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