Trade Show Staff Training

Posted on February 9, 2010 by Karl

After all the trade show preparation and planning, you finally have a game plan with a great looking display and booth – now it is time for your trade show display staff to go into action and generate the results. On the day, the most important asset you have to attract and convert sales leads and generate new business relationships are your people.

Booth staff need to be trained as part of the event preparation process and you must establish a series of ground rules for behavior and conduct during the day. In addition, there must be procedures in place for handling customers from how they are approached, decorum and etiquette, in ice-breaking/qualifying techniques and most importantly, what to do when a “hot” prospect is identified.

Dress Sense

Dress to impress – if the event demands a certain dress style, follow it, otherwise choose what the dress code will be for your booth staff and make sure they follow it. First impressions always count, so do not leave this to chance.

Meeting and Greeting

Don’t have your booth staff standing and staring at passers by – say “hello”, smile, offer coffee – but do not simply stare at the traffic. This makes your booth look like it’s staffed by zombies!

When someone appears interested in the booth, say hello and offer to help, but train booth staff to be open and inviting and this does need attention as human nature will take over.

Stay on Your Feet

The only time staff should be sitting down is when they are talking to a customer – if they are taking a coffee break, they ought to be out of sight as after all, they are not going to be functioning effectively with a customer while on a break. Make sure sensible shoes are worn, especially for any ladies – high heels are out, sensible, comfortable flats are in.

Hot Prospect Procedure

When a booth staff member has a hot lead in their hands, they should be able to immediately follow a procedure already established to ensure that lead is closed immediately. You should have a hot lead procedure in place which will either allow the booth staff to close the deal, or if you have closers working the event, they are handed over to them for the deal paperwork to be completed.

Do not ignore this as if you have not got the procedures in place to take an order when one falls in your lap, you will look pretty lame.

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