Increase in Demand for Pop Up Display Stands

Posted on April 25, 2010 by Karl

The humble pop-up display has been making a comeback in the world of trade show displays. With the recession having bitten so deeply into everyone’s budgets and buyers questioning every line item in their cost centers, saving dollars wherever possible has become second nature. 

But there is also another reason why pop-up displays have been making a resurgence.

Pop up displays tend to be smaller in size, and there is some restriction because of the aluminum frame which supports the entire structure and the flexible hinges and springs to allow the entire display to be deployed. This small size allows pop up displays to be set up almost anywhere, even in the smallest locations you can imagine. Their lightweight design also allows one person to set a display up in seconds without the need for any special tools. While the pop up display is also cheaper than other display types, this allows more budget available for full customization – there will be no mistaking that this is your company display!

Increasingly marketers are looking to get their sales people closer to the buying public – we see this in obvious locations such as shopping malls, however there is rarely an airport without sales people, same for major train and transportation centers or within major retail stores. Pop up displays provide a simple to use display which gives you a face-to-face contact opportunity with the customer – very personal and very direct. Nothing gives the buying public greater access to your products and services than this and without the expense of paying extortionate rents for the space either – you can rent space for a day or for a week and there is no long-term rental tie-in.

In short, with a pop up display you have the benefit of very low costs to buy, very high rates of return and extremely low operating costs – if you haven’t figured it out by now, it means a very high ROI is delivered for this type of display no matter where you use it.

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