Trade Show Exhibiting on a Budget

February 20, 2010 11:57:58 AM by Rena Patton 

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Trade shows represent a significant marketing investment and you should be targeting cost savings wherever possible in order to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI). While you should be wary of cost-cutting exercises because you may reduce the value from the trade show itself if you do, it is common for exhibitors to be operating to a tight budget.

With this in mind, here are some tips for reducing the cost to you.

Negotiate with Trade Show Management

Everyone is looking for a deal and event management are no exception – with many businesses contracting their marketing budgets, trade shows have been hit in the same way everyone else has been. You can negotiate substantial discounts on attendance fees by maintaining a hard bargaining position as event management all over the country has had to come to terms with reduced sales opportunities.

Non-Standard Space Rental

Virtually every trade show has trade show display space which does not conform to the standard shape and sizing which is typically offered. You can obtain a layout of the event floor and look for space which is non-standard, perhaps a strip or a stunted triangle. Event management usually find these odd shape spaces difficult to fill, so you have plenty of scope for doing a deal on one of them.

Lease Equipment

Many booth display suppliers now offer great leasing deals on displays and accessories. By taking a large capital investment out of the upfront cost aspect of trade show exhibiting, you can improve your cash flow, afford to invest in extra marketing activities for the show and write more of the cost off against your taxes.

Last Minute Deals

Trade shows do have last minute cancellations and though the event management have their money from already selling the space, the exhibitor who is looking to get out of the deal will be interested in unloading the space. Event management do not always sell all of the space either. Making calls a month before the event can pay real dividends if you are prepared to move fast to get your booth and staff on the ground for the event.


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