The Use of Promotional “Gimmicks” at Trade Shows

Factually gimmicks work, everyone likes them and done correctly, they will attract people to your trade show booth and help sell your product. You need things that will entertain a person long enough for you get to them and start up a conversation or something that they will remember you by.

Cost is important so work out your budget carefully. Exhibiting at a trade show is expensive; you need to be certain that your gimmicks will work.

Free giveaways

People like getting something for nothing. They attract people to your booth in great numbers. Try to relate the giveaway to the product or service you are marketing. Ensure your company name or logo is printed on it. Items such a key-rings, pens, notepads or golf balls always work well, especially if they are good quality. People do not like disposing of something that is well made and durable.

If you’re marketing food type products, always make certain you have plenty for people to taste. If it’s something like sweets or chocolate, make up presentation boxes with tasters inside. Make sure you have you company name and logo on the boxes or bags. Put a business card inside each box.

Live Presentations

If your product or service can be marketed graphically, set up a video or computer generated display area. They catch people’s eye and draw them to your booth, giving you the chance to start up a conversation.

Prize draws

As long as the prize is worthwhile, and you have enough of them, arranging a few prize draws during the course of the day will keep bringing people back to your booth. It’s also a great way of getting peoples name and company details. Get them to put their business card in a box. Ensure they know the time of each draw.


Try instant games where people win a prize or present. Relate the gifts to your product range. Go for spinning a wheel or choosing a number. It makes it fun for both the attendee and your both staff.



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