Get the Most from Your Trade Show – Maximize Your Exposure

Trade shows are great places to market your product and services but you are only one of many at the venue so you need to maximize your exposure.

Advance planning and research is the key. Make sure you create an agenda and get a good team together. Before the trade show make certain you have contacted all your clients and anyone else you want to attend. The more people you know attending the trade show, the greater your exposure.

Your trade show booth is important. It has to be the right size, eye-catching and bold. Ensure there are no dark corners; use every part of the booth wisely. Design it so it appears larger than it is.

Have lots of promotional material. Have your booth staff to wander round the trade show handing out your material. Give incentives for people to visit your booth. Offer giveaways or prize draws on a regular basis.

Launch new products at a trade show. It will bring attention to your booth. Offer your new product for free, or at a discount, to the first few attendees, depending on its value.

Get referrals. Offer to refer attendees to other non-competing traders and get them to do the same in return. Work closely with others. Cross fertilization between booths can play an important role in maximizing exposure.

Use the public address system to advertise your booth. You may have to pay as it’s an advertisement, but it may be worth the expense. Get your message across clearly and concisely and ensure you provide a reason why attendees should choose to come to your booth rather than another.

Don’t pressurize people. Take note of people’s body language. A person leaving your booth having been pressurized will only pass on bad news. You need people to leave with a good feeling so they communicate to others about your products. Every person leaving your booth feeling satisfied with the information and service received will tell others, increasing the exposure at the trade show.


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